The Best Pie Pans

I’d like to talk about pie pans this week, but I totally understand if you’re thinking we should have had this conversation about a month ago, when you were carrying around wads of holiday cash, and everyone you know was asking what you wanted for Christmas.

Now you’re stuck with that deluxe 10-pack of herbal-scented candles when what you really wanted was one of the seven pans I talk about in my latest video. Sorry about that.

Still, the hope of new pie pans springs eternal in folks like you and me. We have faith that our collection will multiply in the months and years ahead. Someone will fail to return a favorite that you’ll be compelled to replace. We’ll accidentally drop and shatter one we fell out of love with years ago. A spouse will wonder aloud why her favorite pie hasn’t made an appearance in months, handing you the gift of a valuable new pie pan bargaining chip.

I made the video here because I get a lot of questions about pie pans, the ones I have and the ones I like best. It’s hard to play favorites, but I do indeed have one, though you’ll have to watch the entire video to hear about it. It covers quite a bit of ground you won’t want to miss.

This would be a good time to remind you that there’s no one perfect pie pan because the pan must fit the circumstance, and circumstances come in all shapes and sizes. Are you giving the pie away? Making a pie for special company? Do you want your bottom crust to be flawless? You’ll need a different pan for each of these and other occasions.

So have a look at the video and let me know what you think. Did I include your favorite pan? What do you look for in a pan when you purchase one? How many pie pans do you own? I’d love to hear.

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Pie For Dinner – My New Article in Fine Cooking Magazine

I’m every bit as fond of dinner pies as I am of sweet ones, something that may have occurred to you if you own either of my books, Dinner Pies or The Harvest Baker. I’m on record as saying I’ve seldom met a dish that couldn’t be improved by wrapping it in pastry and baking it to flaky, golden perfection.

So when my friends at Fine Cooking magazine asked me to write an article for them about dinner pies, I loaded up the fridge with butter and promptly got to work testing the sort of hearty, cold-busting dishes this winter weather was made for.

If savory pies appeal to you, you won’t want to miss this article. You’ll find some delicious twists on old favorites, and perhaps some fresh ideas you never considered. Crowd pleasers all, and something to hold you over until the produce stands are once again bulging with juicy ripe fruit.

You’ll find the story here.

Enjoy the recipes, and stay in touch. And if you’re still struggling to make a pie crust that behaves and one you can be proud of, click on the banner below.

The No-More-Tears Pie Pastry Course