Pie Zero to Pie Hero

Sound the trumpets, light the fireworks, and dust off your rolling pins…the ebook you’ve been waiting for is ready.

Pie Zero to Pie Hero ebook by Ken Haedrich

So I began this project about six months ago with one purpose in mind – to create a concise, accessible volume that puts home bakers at ease about making pie crust and more pies, sweet and savory. Period. Not those pieces-of-art pies that are everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest. Not fancy ingredient pies. Just pie, as in something-really-good-to-eat, flaky-crusted pie.

I’ve developed a very popular online video course around this idea – The No-More-Tears Pie Pastry Course – that’s perfect for the visual learner (that’s most of us, I think.) And I go into pie crust in detail in my various pie and baking books.

But I wanted to reach an even wider audience of home bakers. And given the number of us who practically live on our electronic devices, an inexpensive (currently 99¢; see the link below) and easily downloadable pie crust primer was in order. Pie Zero to Pie Hero is it.

One big advantage to publishing your own book is the freedom to give advice and offer opinions freely – a tactic most husbands will admit is not without pitfalls – without running through a gauntlet of editors. Which is to say this is perhaps my most authentic and honest bit of writing on the subject of pie crust. (Disclaimer: I love ALL my editors.)

Before I give you the download link and another for reading an excerpt from the book, I want to thank you, my loyal Pie Academy members, for helping make this ebook possible. In large part, the content in these 85 pages is based on your great questions and feedback that I receive in your daily emails.

You pointed the way, I just put it all together in a format that I hope you and many others will find highly helpful.

Family Pie Making

So please, keep making pie. Lots of it. We live in tumultuous times and it’s easy to feel powerless against some of the craziness out there. It may seem like a small thing, but the simple act of making a pie and sharing it with someone you love or someone going through a rough patch can go a long way toward making our little slice of the world a better place.

Two Favors to Ask…

As I just mentioned, my hope is that Pie Zero to Pie Hero will find its way into the hands of home cooks everywhere. You can help spread the word by forwarding this email or the Amazon link to your friends and family members.

There is a little “Share” button on the right hand side of the page. You can click on this to email the book information to someone you know. Next to that are social media buttons for sharing the book information on platforms you may belong to, like Facebook. You’ll see the Share buttons near the red arrow in this graphic.

Share buttons for Pie Zero to Pie Hero

Finally, I’d really appreciate it if you posted an honest review of the book on Amazon. Reviews are a great feedback tool, good reviews help a book’s ranking, and the better a book ranks, the more likely it is that an aspiring pie maker will be able to find it.

As always, thanks so much for your friendship and support.

To download the book on Amazon, go here.

To read an excerpt from the book first, go here.