Fresh Plum Pie with Coconut Almond Crumb Topping

So what’s going on, my pie friend? Are you holding steady in a cool summer groove? Or are you ready to be done with summer and get on with the fall?

Part of me sure feels that way.

But before we put summer in the rearview mirror, how about we give a shoutout to one of the most underrated pies of summer?

That would be plum.

Somehow plum pie ends up at the bottom of way too many summer pie bucket lists. I know a number of dedicated pie makers who haven’t made plum pie one.

And that, ahem, is a plum tragedy because if you’ve never tried plum pie, you simply haven’t experienced one of the best things about summer.

So this week I’m waging a one man campaign to rustle up some votes for plum pie with a new video I just posted, along with one of my favorite plum pie recipes, too.

I hope you’ll have a peek, see for yourself how irresistible the pie looks, then give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.

Let me know what you think and stay in touch. It’s always great to hear from my Pie Academy friends.