A Meat Pie for Playoff Season

Today – Saturday, December 12th – is the 115th meeting between the Army and Navy football teams, by nearly any measure the most spirited, enduring, and beloved rivalry in American sports. The Super Bowl can’t hold a candle to the Army-Navy Game. For the vast majority of these young men the Army-Navy game is not […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers Shepherd’s Pie

It’s Saturday, just past mid-season for Thanksgiving leftovers, but there’s still time left to try out one of the weekend’s easiest encore dishes: Thanksgiving Leftovers Shepherd’s Pie. With a crust, of course.  How easy is it? You don’t even need a recipe*, that’s how easy. So I’m just going to walk you through it. The […]

Savory Fresh Tomato and Basil Pie

I love fresh tomato pie. The fact that there’s about as much agreement on the correct way to make it, as there is on which of the sixteen (and counting) Republican presidential hopefuls is best qualified for the job, doesn’t bother me in the least. Nor should it bother you. I’ve been experimenting with tomato […]

Collard Tart au Gratin

  In case you’ve forgotten, this is as good a time as any to remind you that I’ve got a new book coming out in October chock full of recipes for dinner pies, which is kinda’ why we decided to call the book Dinner Pies.  (Note: the okay photos you see here are mine, and […]

Philly Cheesesteak Hand Pies for Super Bowl Sunday

 It’s been several weeks since my last communication – a near eternity in the online realm, at least when measured against the thrice daily messages I seem to get from so many quarters – and I feel remiss in my role as Dean of The Pie Academy. My apologies. I hope you won’t take it […]

Savory Corn Pudding Pie

I’ll be turning sixty in a few weeks, something a fellow can only take so much credit for. And even if I do have little say in the matter, I feel blessed to glance in the rearview mirror and find that almost everything in my life looks better in retrospect. Time and memory have a […]

For the Love of Chicken Pot Pie

For the better part of last year – the part where I wasn’t testing pie recipes, making videos for The Pie Academy, or going over to the beach as much as I wanted to – I was creating and testing recipes for my upcoming book, Comfort Food, to be published this fall by my good […]

The Kuhn Rikon PushPan: Pie Maker’s Friend

Last year, the good people at Kuhn Rikon sent me a couple of pans – PushPans, they’re called – that they thought you, my pie and tart making comrade, might find quite appealing. Nice of them to think of us, wasn’t it? I told them no promises, but I’d be happy to take ‘em for […]

Bacon, Swiss Chard and Havarti Quiche

  I never tire of quiche – eating it, trying new recipes and techniques, and serving it to appreciative house guests at the holidays, when all smart cooks are looking for dishes that don’t require us to putter, hover, or stick to a hard and fast meal timetable. Quiche is just the ticket. Of course, […]

Video: How to Make a Fresh Tomato Tart

What to do with all those gorgeous summer tomatoes sitting on your kitchen counter. I’ve put together this special video lesson for you, describing step-by-step how to make this show-stopping summer tart that will blow your socks off. Have a look. You’ll find the food processor crostata dough recipe here. I thought a couple of […]