Glazed Peach & Almond Pie

I make so many pies that my wife Bev and I invented what we call our “sliver rule” – we cut a couple of small pieces for ourselves; give as much away as we can; and then freeze any that’s leftover. And we’ve been pretty religious about it, too. Then this pie happened. We didn’t […]

All Strawberry Double-Crust Pie

When was the last time you baked an all strawberry, double-crust pie?  I’ll stick my neck out and wager it’s been a while, because even if nobody ever comes right out and says it, a lot of bakers just don’t consider an all strawberry double-crust pie a thing.  Strawberry rhubarb pie is a thing. So […]

Cherry Blueberry Slab Pie

Thanks to Huey Lewis and the News and their 1986 hit song, we all know it’s hip to be square. But if you’re a pie maker, you should know it’s even hipper to be rectangular. I’m talking about slab pie, if you hadn’t guessed, that sheet pan kin to pie-in-the-round. Pie in a sheet pan? […]

Little Cherry Pies with Mascarpone Whipped Cream

I’ve been giving Valentines Day quite a bit of thought this week, on account of the fact that my previous lapses never worked out that well, so I’m going all in with the flowers, the dinner out, and one of those really expensive Hallmark cards to show my wife that when it comes to her […]

Apple and Pear Pie with Hot Pepper Jelly

I had a bubbly email this week from a Pie Academy member about a recipe of mine that I hadn’t thought of in eons. This happens periodically. Someone will reach out and mention a recipe, an article, or something else I wrote about years ago, and jog my memory. I always welcome these reminders, unless […]

Fresh Peach and Cherry Pie

Like so many well-meaning cooks today, I spend my share of time clicking on and collecting recipes I fancy I’ll make one day. Cooking-wise, the online-curator me is a lot more impressive and adventurous than the actual me, a reality gap, they tell me, not uncommon to online dating sites. Anyway, my obsession du jour […]

The Freezer Fruit Pie Challenge: Your Photos and Stories and our Top Picks

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote here about rummaging through my post-winter freezer and digging out little baggies of frozen fruit to make a pie. Frugal chap that I am, I wanted to use up these remnants before starting a new fresh fruit pie season. I challenged you to do the same, and to […]

The Freezer Fruit Pie Challenge

No sooner had I posted last week’s story about Blueberry Buttermilk Pie than I began to feel a little twitch of guilt about purchasing fresh blueberries for said pie.  Yes, they were only a few bucks. But I’m a frugal by osmosis. The son of depression era parents simply doesn’t waste frozen fruit, even odd […]

Blueberry Buttermilk Pie

We’re still a few weeks away from spring blueberries here in coastal North Carolina, and being a patient sort of fellow I typically don’t mind the wait. But this past week I found myself in the thrall of some long distance berries I simply couldn’t resist.  I’d gone to the market with no intention of […]

Three Berry Crostata

Like most of the guys I know, I’m somewhat challenged – which is to say nearly clueless – when it comes to choosing the right gift for special occasions. I shudder at some of the embarrassing selections I’ve made over the years. Many are on permanent display in the Gift Giving Hall of Shame. You would […]