Fresh Plum Pie with Coconut Almond Crumb Topping

So what’s going on, my pie friend? Are you holding steady in a cool summer groove? Or are you ready to be done with summer and get on with the fall? Part of me sure feels that way. But before we put summer in the rearview mirror, how about we give a shoutout to one […]

PIE ACADEMY: Coming October 27th and available for preorder now

Well, it’s been a long time coming but my deliciously weighty tome on sweet pies – and I do mean weighty, tipping the scales at nearly 4 pounds – is just about ready to launch. And you can preorder a copy right now on Amazon. PIE ACADEMY includes the best of the best of my […]

The New England Pie Getaway 2019: An Update

That’s right – our original dates for The New England Pie Getaway are sold out, so we’ve added a second Getaway the following weekend. Watch the video below for an update. And visit for all the details and to download a registration form.

Live Baking Class this Sunday – and It’s FREE

So you have Thanksgiving leftovers – the gravy, the brussels sprouts, corn, greens, all the usual suspects. What are your plans for them? You could do the usual and just let everyone have at ’em, as is, on Thanksgiving weekend. Yawn… OR…you could orchestrate a rousing encore performance, and turn them into a scrumptious pot […]

Our 5th Annual Lowcountry Pie Getaway Photo Album

This past weekend, October 12th, 13th, and 14th, The Pie Academy held our signature event in Charleston, S.C., everyone’s favorite southern city even those who’ve never been. This is, of course, the big reason we hold our Getaway in Charleston: there’s no place quite like it. Charleston is America’s collective hometown. It has an ineffable […]

Our New Video Course – GREAT AMERICAN CREAM PIES – Is Live

It’s a really big day here at The Pie Academy. After months of planning and production, our new video course is live. In a recent survey, you – our Pie Academy members – told me that you adore cream pies (evidently as much as I do) and you’d love to see a video course all […]

Crème Fraîche Corn Quiche

This is not the first fresh corn pie recipe you’ve seen here at The Pie Academy and it probably won’t be the last, though, sadly, it will be the last for 2018. Sigh… Forgive me for sulking, but it’s a measure of my love for fresh corn that I can bemoan the passing of corn […]

The Freezer Fruit Pie Challenge

No sooner had I posted last week’s story about Blueberry Buttermilk Pie than I began to feel a little twitch of guilt about purchasing fresh blueberries for said pie.  Yes, they were only a few bucks. But I’m a frugal by osmosis. The son of depression era parents simply doesn’t waste frozen fruit, even odd […]

Registration Now Open for the 5th Annual Lowcountry Pie Getaway 2018

Registration for this year’s Lowcountry Pie Getaway in gorgeous Charleston, South Carolina is officially open and we sincerely hope you will join us. We’ll mark this special anniversary with several surprises, including an exciting new afternoon class on Sunday dedicated to those classic pies so many of us adore – Great American Cream Pies. And […]

Pie Zero to Pie Hero

Sound the trumpets, light the fireworks, and dust off your rolling pins…the ebook you’ve been waiting for is ready. So I began this project about six months ago with one purpose in mind – to create a concise, accessible volume that puts home bakers at ease about making pie crust and more pies, sweet and […]