Introducing The Pie Academy’s Boxes For Your Pies

So you’re off to visit a friend. Maybe she’s just gotten a promotion…or engaged…or maybe she’s down in the dumps and you want to cheer her up. Whatever the case, you decide to bring along a piece of your famous homemade pie she absolutely adores.

Or…maybe your book or Scrabble club is meeting this week…or your game night gals….and you want to send everyone home with a slice of pie. And you want to do it in style, right?

Of course you do! And that’s why we’re launching our Little Pie Box Store at The Pie Academy.

The Little Pie Box Store is your answer to the age old question of how best to give a gift of pie, whether you’re giving away the whole pie…a small pie…or just a slice or two. No matter how you decide to slice it, we’ve got you covered.

Best of all, you can dress these boxes up to suit any occasion. You can add patriotic bling for the appropriate holidays. Make an expecting mom and her guests feel extra special at her baby shower. Or give your holiday party guests something to remember long after the decorations have been packed away.

These boxes are great for picnics…bridal showers…family reunions…for college kids heading back to school…and 101 other occasions you’ll come up with.

So take your time, browse around, and get ready to give your pies the showcase they deserve. Here are the boxes we’re offering at this time:

Two-Piece Wedge Box

Our Two-Piece Wedge Box is the perfect size for one special slice of your best homemade pie. Just imagine all the ways you can dress them up for tailgate parties, baby and “kitchen” bridal showers, holiday gift giving, New Year’s Eve favors…to name just a few occasions where you might want to delight your guests.

These two-piece boxes are shipped flat and they’re easy to assemble. Like all of our boxes, they’re sold by the dozen. These wedge boxes also include round parchment liners and enough red-and-white twine to give the boxes a bakery-style finishing touch.

Each box measures 2 1/4″ tall, 4″ across the “back”, and 6″ from tip to back

$18.00 per dozen (which includes the round parchment liners and twine)

The No-More-Tears Pie Pastry Course

6″ x 6″ Two Slice or Small Pie Box

Sometimes one slice to-go is just not enough. That’s when you reach for one of our 6″x6″ pie boxes. Line these with your own parchment sheets or wax paper and you’re ready to drop in two delectable slices of your best apple pie, chess pie, garden quiche, or individual pot pie – whatever’s on the menu.

These one piece boxes are shipped flat and are quickly assembled with a few folds. We provide enough red and white bakery twine to tie them off, but the top of the box is a blank canvas just waiting for your personal flourish.

Each box measures 2 3/4″ tall, by 6″ square

$12 per dozen (which includes red and white bakery twine)

4″ x 4″ Individual Pie Box

When I make small, individual size pies, I often make them in muffin pans – either the standard or large size cups. This scaled-down box is just the thing for holding one pretty little muffin-size pie of your own. Just line one of these with parchment or wax paper and you’re ready to go.

Like our other boxes, these are shipped flat and ready to fold. We provide enough red and white bakery twine to tie off each box.

Each box measures 2 1/2″ tall by 4″ square

$12 per dozen (includes red and white bakery twine)

10″ x 10″ Whole Pie Box

If you’ve ever given someone a gift of an entire pie, then you know the rewards far outweigh the effort. The gift of a pie can touch someone deeply, turn a blue day into a blessed one. It can provide sustenance to a grieving family and provide a great way to “pie it forward” or return a favor.

But a whole pie needs to travel in style, arrive well protected and ready-to-behold. That’s why you need our 10″x10″ Whole Pie Boxes. This box holds one generous pie and keeps it safe in transit. The clear cellophane top window shows off your masterpiece without undue suspense.

Like all of our boxes, these one-piece boxes are shipped flat and can be assembled in seconds. We provide enough red and white bakery twine to tie off each box.

Each box measures 2 1/2″ tall by 10″ square

$18 per dozen (includes red and white bakery twine)


PIE Book in a Pie Box

Now here’s a clever idea, if I may say so myself: a gift of PIE (a $21.95 value) by yours truly, autographed, tied off with bakery twine, and ready to present in one of our 10″x10″ pie boxes. Your favorite pie maker will love a pie box with 300 pies in it…and – a little side benefit, of course – they’ll always be indebted to you for the gesture and lavish you with pies to sample for years to come.

We’ll ship this – the way you see it here – to your recipient along with a gift card from you. Or we’ll ship you the flat box, book, and twine and you can put the package together yourself. See  our ordering instructions below for details.

$23.95 (includes autographed copy of PIE, pie box, twine, and gift card)


The Big Pie Box Bundle

Dedicated pie makers or a group of pie making friends will love this deal: a dozen each of all 4 boxes including the Two-Piece Wedge, 6″x6″ Two Slice, 4″x4″ Individual, and 10″x10″ Whole Pie Box. Includes plenty of red and white bakery twine to tie off your boxes, and one dozen round parchment liners for the Two-Piece Wedge Boxes.

$49 for the Bundle (total of 4 dozen pie boxes)



-The minimum order is 2 dozen boxes. Boxes are only sold by the dozen.

-There is a flat shipping charge of $10.00 per address. This rate is only good in the lower 48 states. Please contact us for shipping to other areas.

-To place your order: Using the Contact tab at the top of the page, send us an email telling us exactly what you’d like to order. Tell us the complete shipping address also; it helps to know, when you’re sending stuff. We will – in turn – email you an itemized invoice through PayPal. Once you review the charges and make payment, your shipment will be sent. If – upon reviewing your invoice – questions arise, just send us an email.

-If you prefer not to use PayPal, we can always do this the old fashioned way, with a check. Just let us know that’s your preference and we’ll give you the details.

-If you have any questions about the boxes – or anything else – before placing your order, use the Contact tab at the top of the page to get in touch.

Thanks. We hope you’re as excited about these new boxes as we are.