Toasted Almond Coconut Custard Pie

So when was the last time you made a custard pie? Last month? Couple of years ago? Never?  I get it. Custard pie is not a headline grabber or Instagram starlet, the way some pies are. It’s not a showcase for shimmering, jewel-like fruit. And nobody tops a custard pie with an eye-catching pie crust […]

The New England Pie Getaway 2019: An Update

That’s right – our original dates for The New England Pie Getaway are sold out, so we’ve added a second Getaway the following weekend. Watch the video below for an update. And visit for all the details and to download a registration form.

Tipsy Transparent Pie

You hear an awful lot about transparency these days – in business and government, in education and on the internet. But there’s a type of transparency that’s dreadfully overlooked and needs many more champions, so I’m counting on you. It’s called transparent pie.  Transparent pie is to Kentucky what chess pie is to the Carolinas […]

Maple Butter Tarts

What with all the holiday fun and festivities swirling about, you’d be forgiven if your plans for National Maple Syrup Day – December 17th – were still a bit up in the air.  So let me help: why not mark the occasion with a batch of these Maple Butter Tarts? My friends in Canada, where […]

Watch the Savory Thanksgiving Dinner Pies Replay Now

This past Sunday I hosted a live streaming event from my home kitchen, a class on incorporating your Thanksgiving leftovers into savory dinner pies. Thought these might come in handy, what with holiday guests coming and all. I had a great time doing this event. It’s a little scary working without a script because you […]

Live Baking Class this Sunday – and It’s FREE

So you have Thanksgiving leftovers – the gravy, the brussels sprouts, corn, greens, all the usual suspects. What are your plans for them? You could do the usual and just let everyone have at ’em, as is, on Thanksgiving weekend. Yawn… OR…you could orchestrate a rousing encore performance, and turn them into a scrumptious pot […]

Our 5th Annual Lowcountry Pie Getaway Photo Album

This past weekend, October 12th, 13th, and 14th, The Pie Academy held our signature event in Charleston, S.C., everyone’s favorite southern city even those who’ve never been. This is, of course, the big reason we hold our Getaway in Charleston: there’s no place quite like it. Charleston is America’s collective hometown. It has an ineffable […]

The Ultimate Pie Troubleshooting Guide

For those of you who missed it, I recently wrote an article for Fine Cooking magazine that began like so: This might ruffle some feathers, but I have a bone to pick with whoever coined the expression “as easy as pie.” As a pie instructor, the author of four pie cookbooks, and the dean of […]

Apple and Pear Pie with Hot Pepper Jelly

I had a bubbly email this week from a Pie Academy member about a recipe of mine that I hadn’t thought of in eons. This happens periodically. Someone will reach out and mention a recipe, an article, or something else I wrote about years ago, and jog my memory. I always welcome these reminders, unless […]

Our New Video Course – GREAT AMERICAN CREAM PIES – Is Live

It’s a really big day here at The Pie Academy. After months of planning and production, our new video course is live. In a recent survey, you – our Pie Academy members – told me that you adore cream pies (evidently as much as I do) and you’d love to see a video course all […]