Black Bottom Peanut Butter Cream Pie

You may remember a few weeks ago I sent out a survey asking what sort of courses you’d like to see offered at The Pie Academy going forward. Somewhat surprisingly (at the time) cream pies got a whole lot of love.   In hindsight, I don’t know why that came as a surprise. After all, […]

Pie Zero to Pie Hero

Sound the trumpets, light the fireworks, and dust off your rolling pins…the ebook you’ve been waiting for is ready. So I began this project about six months ago with one purpose in mind – to create a concise, accessible volume that puts home bakers at ease about making pie crust and more pies, sweet and […]

Three Berry Crostata

Like most of the guys I know, I’m somewhat challenged – which is to say nearly clueless – when it comes to choosing the right gift for special occasions. I shudder at some of the embarrassing selections I’ve made over the years. Many are on permanent display in the Gift Giving Hall of Shame. You would […]

Sweet Carrot Pie

To understand just how surprisingly good this carrot pie is, you must first understand that I find carrots – especially on their own – pretty uninspiring. Boring, if we ditch the civility. I cook with them, I eat them without complaint or holding my nose like I did as a boy. But they simply don’t […]

The Best Pie Pans

I’d like to talk about pie pans this week, but I totally understand if you’re thinking we should have had this conversation about a month ago, when you were carrying around wads of holiday cash, and everyone you know was asking what you wanted for Christmas. Now you’re stuck with that deluxe 10-pack of herbal-scented […]

A Thanksgiving Message from The Pie Academy (video)

We’re down to the wire now, pie-wise, so you’ve probably got your Thanksgiving pie strategy all sketched out. And if you don’t? Better kick it into gear, my friend. I’ve provided some links below that will help you get on track quickly, quickly being the operative word here. Not so quickly, however, that you should […]

How to Slice Apples for an Apple Pie (Video)

This past week I put out the word that I was curious to learn more about your apple prepping routine when you make an apple pie. I wanted to know if you peeled your apples or not, sliced them thick or thin, how you cored them – all that good stuff. And you didn’t disappoint. […]

Triple Layer Pumpkin Chocolate Pie

I probably would have tried to put a softer spin on it, but I get where the man who gave us Lake Wobegon is coming from: pumpkin pie can be pretty boring. I know more than a few people who consider it almost an obligation to indulge every fall, compelled less by love than out […]

The Lowcountry Pie Getaway 2017 in Review

A week ago today, a diverse group of Pie Academy members, including myself and my wife Bev, gathered in Charleston, South Carolina to take part in our 4th annual Lowcountry Pie Getaway. As always, I approached the weekend with a mix of excitement and concern. I love everything about the weekend, but this is our […]

The Harvest Baker Tour Goes to New England

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. – Robert Louis Stevenson Clearly our esteemed author was not on a book tour when he wrote these words. Fresh off an event-filled, weeklong swing through New England to promote The Harvest Baker, I can assure you that book tour travel […]