Why I Like These Little Pie Pans from Anchor Hocking

I’m a lousy shopper – too impatient, for one thing – but I had a few minutes to kill last week while my oil was being changed, so I walked into the nearby Target, which I thought would look a lot more respectable than walking into the brew pub next door, especially given the fact that it was 9:30 in the morning.

For a non-shopper, I like Target, and especially their kitchen section because – unlike, say, Williams Sonoma, where a vegetable scrubber can cost you a week’s worth of groceries – the quality is good, the selection decent, and the prices are always reasonable.

That’s where I found these little pie pans – called “mini bakers” – made by Anchor Hocking.

One of the reasons these caught my eye is because I often receive emails that go like this: I’m wondering if you could give me any suggestions for making smaller pies. My adult children have finally moved out and – aside from stopping by to borrow money and do their laundry every few weeks – it’s just me and my husband. PS – I have plenty of time to bake now, since they took the TV, too. 

Or something like that; you catch my drift.

What do I like about these smaller pie pans? Well, now that I’ve taken them for a test run – watch the video, above, for all the action – I can tell you that there’s a few things I’m smitten with.

The price, first of all. They came packed as a threesome, and I paid about $15 for the set – a real bargain, in my book.

They’re made of heavy duty glass, and the handles are beefy and large enough to grab easily. I actually read the instruction/warning sheet that came with the pans and they tell you not to do anything stupid, like use the pan as a hammer. But these will, no doubt, stand up to some abuse.

I like the height of the pan, too. You’re going to end up with a scaled down pie – that’s the whole point – but it won’t be some little wimpy thing. The apple pie and chicken pot pie I made this weekend were quite substantial. The video goes into more detail, but – as a general rule – I’m thinking these will hold about half the filling of your average pie.

Heaven knows I have plenty of pie pans; I could have managed without these. But now that I’ve used them, I’m sold, and don’t be surprised if you see them regularly here at The Pie Academy in the future.

By the way, if your local Target doesn’t stock these, check around. You can probably find them in any number of stores.

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