About The Pie Academy

The Pie Academy is an online community dedicated to the idea that anyone can learn to make great pies from scratch.

Begun in early 2012 by Ken Haedrich, “Dean” of The Pie Academy and one of the country’s foremost baking authorities, it’s Ken’s way of sharing his passion for pie with a wide audience, and a natural extension of his bestselling books on the subject.

As of this writing, says Ken, “The Pie Academy is quickly gaining in popularity and I am in the thick of developing the recipes, instructional videos, audio, ebooks, blog, and other content that will soon make The Pie Academy the #1 online resource for pie makers of all levels.”

The scope of The Pie Academy is broad. “I’ll be providing plenty of basic, solid how-to instruction for brand new pie makers. That will always be our core content. Beyond that, we’ll be going very deep with pie. I’m planning video courses and ebooks on Small Pies, Hand Pies, Fried Pies, and more. They’ll be an entire series of single subject lessons, like Spectacular Southern Pies, Summer Fruit Pies and Thanksgiving Classics. And I’m very excited about a course I’m putting together on Whole Grain Pie Crusts.”

And down the road? Anyone who loves homemade dinner pies – like pot pies, quiche and other savory pies – will be happy to know that Ken will be posting a number of new recipes from his forthcoming savory pies book, Dinner Pies, to be released in the fall of 2015.

But recipes and instruction, says Haedrich, aren’t the only content you can expect to find on The Pie Academy. “People love to make pie for a variety of different reasons. For some, it’s a welcome, tactile relief from the tedium of their nine to five job. For others, it’s about creating a family tradition or a legacy they can pass on to their children. For still others, it’s all about sharing and the sheer joy that comes from making a pie and giving it away to a neighbor or friend. I’ll be talking a lot about those aspects of pie making on my blog.”

Ken invites you to become a member of The Pie Academy so he can share his love of pies – and his secrets of pie mastery – with you on a regular basis.

Ken admits that “We still have a lot of building ahead of us to get The Pie Academy where I want it to be. There’s still a lot of flesh to put on the bones. It’s going to be an exciting journey, and if you love to bake pie – or want to learn – then you should join us. I think you’ll love it here.”

If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll sign up for The Pie Academy. It’s free, it’s casual, and nobody gets yelled at, kicked off the island or out of class, or fails to make it to the next round.


 About Ken Haedrich

Founder and “Dean” of The Pie Academy, Ken Haedrich is one of America’s most respected food writers and a recognized authority on baking – pies, in particular.

He is the author of two books on the subject – Apple Pie (Harvard Common Press, 2002), which one reviewer called “the ultimate guide to apple pie.” And his 300-recipe Pie (Harvard Common Press, 2004), recently voted one of top 7 baking books of the last 25 years by Cooking Light magazine.

Ken is the author of 15 cookbooks, hundreds of magazine articles for the likes of Family Fun, Better Homes & Gardens, Bon Appetit, National Geographic Traveler, Real Simple and many others. As well as a past winner of The Julia Child Cookbook Award. An in-demand speaker, Ken has given talks at The Smithsonian and numerous other venues.

Recently, Ken has turned both his passion for baking and his love of comfort foods into two exciting cookbooks he has penned for The Old Farmer’s Almanac. The first of these – The Old Farmer’s Almanac Everyday Baking, published in 2012 – features 118 of Ken’s favorite quick breads, cookies, crisps, cobblers, pies, cakes and more from his private baking files. Ken’s latest – Comfort Food – with everything from his best meatloaf and mac and cheese recipe, to soul-satisfying soups and stews, hearty casseroles, fragrant breads, tempting appetizers and so much more – was released in the fall of 2014. Autographed copies can be purchased at our online store.

The Pie Academy is a natural extension of Ken’s love of baking and his passion for teaching others. He has appeared on many television shows, including Good Morning America, and given live cooking demonstrations to thousands, from Hawaii to New England. “The best thing about what I do,” he says, “is hearing how one of my recipes or cooking demonstrations helped turn someone into a happier, more confident cook. I find that very rewarding.”

Ken says The Pie Academy is his opportunity to reach and impact the greatest number of home pie makers.

“My whole career as a food writer and cooking teacher has been leading up to this,” he says. “The technology that’s available today allows someone like myself to demonstrate the fine points of pie making – those little “aha” techniques – that often trip people up. And it also affords the opportunity to create a community of kindred spirits who take pleasure in the same things I do – baking and pie making, in my case. I couldn’t be more excited about this prospect and all the neat things we’ll be doing on The Pie Academy.