A Warm (and Furry) Pre-Holiday Road Trip to New England

Ken Haedrich and son Sam

Sam and me shopping for apples in Norwich, Vermont. Found my pie favorites: Northern Spy.

I’ve reached the age in life where I feel entitled to exercise certain privileges, perhaps none so advantageous to my mental and emotional health as not traveling over the holidays.

Traveling at the holidays and putting oneself at the mercy of overworked TSA agents, capricious weather, and Woodstock-like traffic jams on I-95 that threaten to drain every last drop of holiday cheer from your veins – this is self inflicted punishment for those who must atone for sins far greater than my own. 

The No-More-Tears Pie Pastry Course

So it was that my wife Bev and I took a mid-fall excursion to New Hampshire several weeks back, a pre-holiday jaunt to kindle familial flames with three of my four children, and to visit the place I called home for 20 years.

Even without heavy traffic, it’s no Sunday drive from coastal North Carolina to Hanover, New Hampshire. So we made a leisurely 3-day trip of it, stopping to see family along the way and arriving on a windy evening when the remnants of fall foliage were making their last stand.

Ken Haedrich and daughter Tess

Me and Tess on a chilly fall morning, the Connecticut River drifting by.

Our hosts for the weekend were my daughter, Ali, and her boyfriend Mark, who share a home within a coin’s toss of the Connecticut River. This was our first time here and it brought back memories of my original home in New Hampshire – modest but homey, a good place for a start, and enough projects to keep one busy for some time to come. Joining us for the festivities was my son Sam – a talented photographer who took many of the better photos here – and girlfriend Emily; my daughter Tess and her boyfriend Mike; and a colorful assortment of mellow cats and rambunctious dogs, a vast and varied nation of fur whose recipe for coexistence could be a model for world peace. 

The NH gang

The NH gang: Mark, Ali, Pop, Bev, Tess, Emily and Sam.

One perk of writing cookbooks is a ready-made supply of Christmas gifts when the season rolls around. These gift-boxed copies of my new book – Dinner Pies – would make the trip north with us and provide the inspiration for one the weekend’s meals: an onion and cheese galette.

Dinner Pies by Ken Haedrich

Recently, an interviewer asked me if I had any “inside tips” for someone who might be interested in baking dinner pies but thought they required too much effort. I said “galettes” and then explained their simple appeal: just roll out the dough; cover with your toppings; turn up the edges and bake. It’s pizza for pastry lovers, and every bit as delicious.

Saute some onions for an onion galette

The secret to a fabulous onion galette? Start with lots of onions and cook until caramelized and full of flavor.

Our onion galette

Ali and I had some catching up to do in the pie department. We did our share of baking together when she was a child, and none recently, so I knew that her hostess gift – a big Le Creuset pie dish – would bring back fond memories of earlier times.

Ken Haedrich and daughter Ali, circa 1991

That’s Ali and me, circa 1991, Sam in the background. A magazine shot this photo for a story they did about my first big cookbook, Country Baking. My wife Bev cringes every time she sees this photo; I can’t imagine why. Below, Ali and me today, sporting – perhaps – a less cringe-worthy do.

Ken Haedrich and daughter Ali

Ali inherited some of her father’s and grandfather’s pie making DNA because she breezed through our pie session without missing a beat. Both she and Tess are accomplished and confident cooks. It was a such a pleasure having both of them there and watching them turn out incredible meals so effortlessly. Made their pop downright proud.

Because Ali loves cooking for parties and all her friends, I knew this oversized pie dish would find a welcome home in her kitchen, as it does in my own. I use the same pie dish for birthdays and tailgate parties, potluck dinners, family reunions and – of course – at the holidays. Depending on the type of pie, it will serve 12 people with no difficulty.

Mark peeling apples

Ali making an apple pie

Mark’s hand cranked apple peeler-corer made short work of preparing the apples for Ali’s apple-pear-cranberry pie. For the life of me, and after four decades as a pie maker, I can’t understand why I don’t own one of these handy peeler gizmos. My stubborn, old-school nature, I suppose. Here’s Ali’s filling going into her fluted shell, and if that looks like a whole mess of fruit, it is – about 10- or 11-cups worth. For most recipes, I can simply add half again as much filling and it works beautifully.

Hands on the apple pie

Adding the crumb topping

After the first 30 minutes or so in the oven, it was time to spread the brown sugar crumb topping over Ali’s pie. Then it was back in the oven for round two, another 30 or 40 minutes to get the fruit juices boiling and the top golden brown and crunchy.

The finished pie

Fall is a wonderful time to be in New England, especially when family gathers to celebrate the season and share the love. The autumn air is crisp as a fresh picked Northern Spy, and the skies a Kodachrome blue. Winter’s heavy lifting – the dead car batteries, stove stoking, and snow moving – is still weeks away. It’s enough to make even a taciturn Yankee crack a little smile and offer a friendly greeting. 

Our time in New Hampshire and Vermont was too short, but as sweet as the pie we all shared. We plan to return soon, certainly by next fall. (We’d love to schedule some baking classes and demonstrations in New England, so if you belong to or know of a group who might want to sponsor such an event, please let us know.) Until then, we’ll savor the memory of our time up north, and give thanks, this Thanksgiving, for family – and all of our Pie Academy friends! – near and far.

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Large Le Creust pie dish

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