A Thanksgiving Message from The Pie Academy (video)

We’re down to the wire now, pie-wise, so you’ve probably got your Thanksgiving pie strategy all sketched out.

And if you don’t? Better kick it into gear, my friend. I’ve provided some links below that will help you get on track quickly, quickly being the operative word here.

Not so quickly, however, that you should skip the video I just posted below. I have a lot to be thankful for this week, not the least of which is you, so stick around and let me pile on the gratitude. Please, and thank you.

And now, here are those helpful links. Remember to click on the Recipes and Videos tab at the top of the page for our complete archives.

Prebaking Your Pie Crust – I probably get this question more than any other: Do I really have to prebake the pie shell for my pumpkin and pecan pies? Yep, you do. And I’ve gone to great length in this article to explain how it should be done.

Enough Apple Already – So you’ve been making apple pies for 8 weeks straight now. You’re falling out of love and want to mix things up for the Thanksgiving table. Me, too. That’s when I make this Maple Glazed Pear Pie, which I love as much as any apple pie out there.

The Perfect Pecan Pie – I know: everyone calls their own pecan pie recipe “perfect.” (Those P’s sound so nice rolling off the tongue.) I’ll let you decide if it’s perfect or not, but trust me when I tell you it comes pretty darn close. Here’s a twist – this one has a whole wheat crust, and it’s actually baked in a tart pan.

Go for the Lattice – There’s no simpler way to prettify your top-crust fruit pies than with a lattice top. You can do this, and this video will show you how simple it is.

Ten Answers to Your Thanksgiving Pie Problems – If you didn’t know you had ten pie things to worry about this week, you’ll find this article quite enlightening.

Thanksgiving Leftovers? Say no more. 

Need Your Pie Chops NOW? – Get our wildly popular video training – The No-More-Tears Pie Pastry Course. For the price of a good bakery pie you’ll be on your way to pie mastery.

Have a safe, peaceful and fabulous Thanksgiving. We’ll see you again soon.